Microblading In Orlando FL

Orlando, Florida is a destination city for visitors all over the world. We are located 15 minutes from the airport in Orlando (South of Downtown).  Whether you live here, or are visiting, make Blooming Beauty your destination for Beautiful and virtually painless permanent makeup! Blooming Beauty is a full-service salon, performing enhancements to your eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, and areolas.



Our Signature 3D Eyebrows


In two hours, we can give you maintenance-free, permanent makeup eyebrows. Forget pencils and powder every morning. You can wake up with beautiful brows every day! It’s painless for most of our clients. Microblading and a digital permanent makeup machine can be used in combination or separately, depending on your skin and preferences. Many permanent makeup providers only offer one or the other. We keep up with the latest trends and offer a combined technique for superior shading, individual hair strokes, and realistic, 3D eyebrows! We offer a free consultation to each potential client. Call or text 321-418-8000 now or click the "Book Appointment" button above to reserve your appointment.


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Step 5: Your New Eyebrows!

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The reveal after microblading can be very emotional and exciting.

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Step 6: Wake up with Beautiful Eyebrows every Morning!

Look at these Beautiful Clients! Wake up with beautiful Eyebrows every morning! Call or text 321-418-8000, or click Here to book.

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Orlando FL permanent makeup artist Jessica Richardson

Meet Jessica Richardson

Jessica Richardson is the founder and principle artist of Blooming Beauty in Orlando, Fl. Staying ahead of the trends, she is practiced in all the current techniques. Let her design your long lasting and low maintenance Permanent Makeup today! Learn more about Jessica Here.