Permanent Makeup Fees

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Signature 3D Eyebrows

Includes free consultation

Eyebrow Touch-up: Call us for an appointment.

Touch-ups are for our work only. If you have received permanent makeup from someone else, you will need to come in for a consultation and price quote. See below.

  • 0-6 MONTHS: $99
  • 6-12 MONTHS: $150
  • AFTER 1 YEAR: $250
  • AFTER 2 YEARS: $350

  • AFTER 3 YEARS: Full Price

Permanent Eyeliner

Upper Eye: $199 Special

Lower Eye: $199 Special

Upper and Lower Eye (At Same Appointment): $399 Special

Add-on Enhancements. Additional $100-$150.

  • Extra-thick glamour look
  • Smudging or shadow effect
  • Wings

Call us to discuss prior to booking. Remember the consultation is free!

Note: Please have a driver. Your eyes may be blurry from the numbing product.

    Corrections and Touch-Ups to Permanent Makeup Applied by Other Providers

    Many new clients ask for a correction or touch-up to permanent makeup that was applied by other providers. This involves several unknowns:

    • Brand and composition of the pigments used by the original practitioner
    • Color, shape, and fading
    • Your skin's natural pigmentation
    • Length of time since most recent application
    Because of this, we can not guarantee a specific result or how many sessions will be optimal for you. PRICING: We schedule and price this service as an entirely new application. Because of the unknown factors above, how extensive the initial procedure may be, and how many treatments will be needed, we price this on an individual basis.
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