We have been hearing about permanent makeup & cosmetic tattooing in Orlando, but what if you’re still not sure if you want to do it and if it is worth it? Here are a few reasons why you should get permanent makeup.  

1. Permanent Makeup Saves You A Lot of Time

This one is pretty obvious and also the main reason why many women in Orlando decide to go for permanent makeup. Permanent makeup will cut down the time that takes to finish the makeup morning routine. No need to apply eyeliner, lip liner/lipstick or spend hours and hours in order to get your eyebrows symmetrical.  With permanent makeup, that is already done when you open your eyes to sunny Orlando. 

2. Permanent Makeup is VERY Low Maintenance

For most of the time, your microbladed brows, permanent eyeliner or lipstick will last about 12-18 months before they need a touch up. 

3. Permanent Makeup Will Give You Tons of Confidence

It is amazing how perfectly defined lips, realistic looking brows or definition from eyeliner tattooing can boost a person’s confidence. If you are lacking hair because of an illness, permanent makeup can restore definition to your best features again. Sometimes you just need a small enhancement to make you feel beautiful from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed.

4. Permanent Makeup Saves You A Lot of Money

Think for a minute (and maybe get a calculator out): how many brow products do you buy every year? How much lipstick do you buy? How many tubes of eyeliner? How much do you spend for makeup removal products? How many times you get waxing and how many times you get tinting? 

All that money and all that effort, just for it to be wiped off every night and reapplied every morning. With permanent makeup, you will have to pay just once per year to keep it looking amazing condition. 

5. No More Sensitivity To Cosmetics 

It is pretty common that people are sensitive to some eye makeup and lipsticks, which can make the use of them on everyday basis very hard and uncomfortable, but they are not ready to give them up. That is why permanent makeup is great: permanent eyeliner will let you model a black liner all around Florida’s beaches and Orlando’s restaurants, and all that without resulting in red, puffy, itchy eyes, and with lip tattooing you are able to have full defined lips that are full of color you can hydrate with your favorite lip balm and go.