Beauty Marks


Would you like to have attractive beauty mark akin to those of fashion models and movie stars? Do you frequently apply a fake beauty mark to your face, only to have it smear or wipe off? A permanent makeup beauty mark may be your solution. With pigment implanted into the skin, it will not rub off or protrude from the skin. A strategically placed beauty mark can balance your facial features, or help distract or draw attention from a problem area. They can be located anywhere, but commonly within an inch or so above the upper lip or around the eyes.

Permanent makeup beauty marks are a fairly simple process.  If you are unsure of where to place your beauty mark, we can discuss this during a free consultation. If you regularly apply one with makeup, simply apply that beauty mark and wear it to your appointment. We can look at colors together, and then implant the pigment in the place and size that you would like.

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