Choosing Permanent Eyeliner to Define Your Eyes

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, it’s important to decorate their framing. Women and men use eyeliner to draw attention to their eyes and make their eyelashes appear fuller and vibrant. While some eyeliner users opt for a more glamorous look, others simply want to appear natural and well rested. Whatever their aim, many users of cosmetics choose to employ eyeliner as central part of their regular makeup routine.

Applying Traditional Eyeliner: A Painstaking Process

Although eyeliner products can be relatively low cost, they are infamously difficult to apply. Even if eyeliner users manage to keep a steady hand, it is often difficult to draw along the lash line. To make it easier to draw along the lash line, eyeliner users often make the mistake of pulling on their upper eyelid, which can increase the possibility of premature wrinkles. Even if eyeliner users are able to create smooth, continuous lines along the lash lines, they are liable to make other unintended errors in application:

  • The application on the left lash lines may be different (thicker, thinner, longer, or shorter) than on the right lash lines
  • They might have a slight deviation from the lash lines that they need to conceal
  • They might have unwanted smudges on or near the lash line from a dull pencil

None of these application problems are insurmountable. Eyeliner users can use various types of products (including liquid foundation and clear lip gloss) to correct mistakes ( utm_term=.vjqLB6Nmj#.xbvPAbgzl ). They can sharpen pencils before each use. They can use mini-strokes or use a “connect the dots” technique along their lash lines. Whatever their technique for troubleshooting common application problems, it’s clear that eyeliner application is a painstaking process.

Traditional Eyeliner: A Risky Proposition

Eyeliner can also pose significant health risks. According to the Cleveland Clinic, eyeliner can contain harmful agents (such as lead, BHA and sulfates) that can irritate skin or even contribute to cancer. In addition to harmful compounds, eyeliner users who apply eyeliner along their waterlines (that is, between the lash line and the eye) can both introduce bacteria to the area. Eyeliner users can also increase their risk of infection by not properly removing all of their eyeliner on their lash lines after use, and by using outdated products. To minimize health risks, eyeliner users must be knowledgeable, skillful and vigilant.

Permanent Eyeliner: A Better Way to Frame Your Eyes

Given the issues with traditional eyeliner, it is no wonder that a growing number of eyeliner users are turning toward permanent eyeliner to meet their needs. Permanent eyeliner is applied by artists who use sterile needles to inject pigments under the skin of the lash lines. For the average price of $500, permanent eyeliner users can enjoy up to 5 years of labor-free lined lash lines.

Because the skin surrounding the eyes is particularly delicate, eyeliner users should be careful in selecting salons and artists to perform the permanent eyeliner procedure. Those who are seeking permanent eyeliner procedures should expect the following from artists and their salons:

  • Artists and their salons should be certified to apply permanent makeup
  • Artists should be take a health inventory of their clients and have a system for running out high-risk clients based on medical conditions (such as conjunctivitis)
  • Artists should be able to explain the application process, risks, and healing process

Reducing Your Risks Before and After Your Procedure

While artists and salons should be expected to be expertly trained, those who are thinking about having a permanent eyeliner procedure done should do their homework about possible risks. At Blooming Beauty (an Orlando, FL-based permanent makeup salon), we advocate that our clients take steps to reduce risks associated with permanent eyeliner application:

  1. Do not dye or perm lashes for 2 days prior to your procedure.
  2. Do not use an eyelash curler the day of your procedure.
  3. Do not use growth stimulants (such as Latisse, RapidLash, or RevitaLash) for at least one week prior to and one week after your procedure.
  4. Have someone else (a family member or friend) drive you home after your procedure.
  5. Your eyes may be light-sensitive after the procedure, so bring sunglasses to wear home.
  6. Do not wear contact lenses to the procedure and immediately afterwards. You may start wearing your contact lenses after your eyes are no longer sensitive to light and are in pre-treatment condition.

By taking these steps, you can avoid irritating your eyes, increasing the risk of negative interactions with permanent eyeliner pigments and maintain your safety.

Common Side Effects of Permanent Eyeliner Application

Even with risk reduction and preparation, those who have permanent eyeliner procedures performed can still experience unwanted side effects:

Most risks to permanent eyeliner application are minimal in skilled hands.

Embracing Your New Lash Lines

There’s no need to continue working hard every day to achieve the lash lines that you want. For many, permanent eyeliner is a method of helping them looking their best without the hassle.

At Blooming Beauty, we pride ourselves on creating lash lines that our clients love. To find out more about how permanent eyeliner can be the right fit for you, schedule an appointment with us today.