Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique that aims to perfect or completely rebuild the eyebrow. Carried out by a salon technician, in this case Jessica Richardson, the method involves the use of micro-needles that deposit the pigment in the upper layer of the epidermis in order to draw the hairs according to the ideal structure of the eyebrow, which has been traced by your technician and approved by you.

Step 1: Consultation – Natural Eyebrow Analysis

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In this phase, Jessica will take a look at your natural eyebrow shape to determine where they need to be tattooed, to give you a fuller look. Your natural eyebrows without any makeup are then examined and brushed back, so Jessica can see what she is working with and what areas need help. Photos will be taken at each stage which will be great for comparing once the whole procedure is done.

Step 2: Measurements

drawing eyebrows for preparation of the Orlando microblade procedure at our Orlando salon.

The next stage involves using rulers or calipers to measure the positioning of your new brows, so they are even. In this phase, Jessica Richardson will chat with you about your desired finish, whether you want a natural look, or a more intense finish. She will also discuss the shape and recommend the one that suits your face, but ultimately it will be your choice. 

Step 3: Topical Anesthesia for Numbing

If you are worried about how painful this procedure is, you really have nothing to worry about. Everyone obviously has a different pain tolerance levels, but generally speaking, it is just an annoying scratching feeling that your body will quickly adjust too. But if you are still iffy about the pain, you will be happy to know that Jessica will numb your brows for an enjoyable and virtually pain free experience!

Step 4: Microblading Procedure Begins 

Tiny emulated hair strokes are etched in to the skin using a micro blade tool. The procedure of microblading is done in layers, so the first layer will hurt you the most. Layers after that hurt less. Expect a scratching feeling and a buzzing sound. Your eyes will water and you will probably sneeze, that is completely normal. 

Step 5: Voila!

3D Eyebrows Tattoo before and after profile of young woman

Show of your beautiful brows that fit your face beautifully and make you prettier than ever!