Jessica Richardson

Orlando FL permanent makeup artist Jessica Richardson

Permanent Makeup in Orlando FL by Jessica Richardson

Owner of Blooming Beauty

  • Board Certified Cosmetologist
  • FL Department of Health Establishment License
  • FL Department of Health Tattoo License/Tattoo Artist
  • Certified Permanent Makeup and Microblading Artist
  • Compliant with all DOH requirements with regular inspections

This is truly an art form. There are many people who are able to implant permanent makeup, but do they treat it like an art form? Most importantly, do they excel at it? My dad was a very talented artist. I inherited his love of art and channeled it into cosmetology. I am a very patient and caring person, and I love helping others look their best. I really enjoy styling hair, and I get daily practice with my 5 girls before I even leave the house. However, I found that permanent makeup is even more rewarding to me than styling hair. I myself have had the same problems many of you do. I had very thinned out eyebrows, and I was looking for a solution to my daily brow routine. So, I decided to try permanent makeup, and I had realistic looking hair strokes implanted. The result was amazing: my brows looked symmetrical, full and beautiful again. I wanted to be able to help others have the same experience with permanent makeup that I have had. This desire has allowed me to launch into this wonderful profession, where I can use my artistic talent to its fullest and bring smiling faces to the clients I work with every day.