Permanent Eyeliner Makeup


Would you like to have an eyeliner that does not smudge or cause dark circles under your eyes? What about exercising or getting caught in the rain without streaks down your cheeks? With permanent eyeliner, you can wake up, shower, exercise, work, and swim always looking your best.

Permanent eyeliner can be a fine line or a darker and more dramatic line. It can be applied to the full eye, half of the eye, or just on the corners of the eye. Colors are custom mixed for each individual. When placed in the lash line, the result is very natural-looking, making your eyelashes appear longer and fuller, and it adds definition to give your eyes a youthful, fresh, and open look. Soft and subtle eyeliner is an excellent choice for daily wear that is beautiful and sophisticated. You can always kick it up a notch on Friday night.

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Blooming Beauty salon in Orlando FL applying permanent eyeliner tattoo with microblading

You can benefit from permanent eyeliner if you have:

  • Thinned, sparse, or no eyelashes from hair loss.
  • Scars on your eyelids
  • A desire to define your eyes and give them a more open appearance
  • Difficulty applying makeup due to poor vision or unsteady hands
  • An allergy to conventional makeup
  • Contact lenses (which can catch flakes of makeup and can cause subsequent eye irritation).
  • An active lifestyle (which can cause conventional makeup to fade and present need for more frequent makeup applications).