Permanent Lip Liner

Permanent Full Lip Color


Whether you go dramatic or natural, permanent lip liner and full lip color will give your lips an elegant, finished look all day long, every day. It doesn’t have to look like lipstick. You can choose a natural everyday wear color that is subtle and sophisticated, and then add your favorite lipstick or lip gloss color to pump it up on Friday night out.  In any case, your color choices are custom mixed for your look and your style. You can bring your favorite lipstick or lip liner for to customize your permanent lip liner color, and we will match 

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Permanent lip liner can:

  • Deepen your natural lip color
  • Define your lips and make them look fuller, younger
  • Correct imperfections, scars, and asymmetry
  • Prevent lipstick rubbing off and smearing into the fine lines around the mouth or on your teeth.
  • Assist those with poor eyesight or who lack the ability to apply it properly

Permanent lip liner can be implanted around the mouth, making it appear that the entire lip has color. Lining the lips is paramount to creating shape and balance to lips that are asymmetric, lips that are thin, or any lip shape that is less than sensual. When gradually transitioned, permanent lip liner color doesn’t appear as a line, but as a natural definition around the mouth. You can also choose a deeper color as the lip liner, and then blend that in with a lighter color for trim of the entire lip area.

If you are considering liner only, consider this: with cosmetic lip liner, you apply it and then add gloss (which blends the liner into the lip and softens it). In contrast, when you have permanent makeup lip liner, it will not blend into the lip with gloss and soften. Instead, it may look harsh. For these reasons, we highly recommend getting your lips filled with color at the same time as you have permanent lip liner.

Because the lips heal differently than eyebrows and eyeliner, more than one touchup may be required to complete the process. Up to 50% or more of the color can be lost between touch-ups. It is very important to follow the aftercare instructions. Please see the FAQ and Pre-Procedure Instructions for more information.