Are you thinking about getting permanent eyeliner or maybe you already have it done? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, here are types of eyelashes that will go well with your permanent eyeliner:

Permanent Eyeliner

1. Short, Dense Volume Lashes

These lashes are all about bringing the drama — WITHOUT the length. These thick, full sets are inspired by the top fashion houses’ most dramatic makeup looks.  It is an easy and chic, everyday look that gets easily transformed into night look, by just adding a dark lipstick! And VOILA, you are nighttime ready! 

Perfect for work, easy to work with! 


2. The Textured, Strip Lash Look

The spiky Kim K-inspired lashes have been going strong for a while; good trends tend to stick around for a bit. Permanent eyeliner will go beautifully with big textured sets. We can give a bit of credit to Kim and her sisters, but strip lashes have been the desired look for years.

Easy to put on, even easier to take off, classy and sassy, those lashes will take your look to a whole another level, with minimal effort (because you already have your permanent eyeliner on). 

With this look, you will definitely be notices in Orlando!


3. Glossy Makeup + Natural-Looking Lashes

Wet-look is in. We’re talking about high-gloss makeup. 

And since high-gloss makeup evokes images of tropical heats in Orlando, it’s no surprise that this look pairs perfectly with the natural look when it comes to lashes. So, pair this makeup look and your permanent eyeliner with more natural, yet full, lash line. It’s hard to beat the combination of the convenience of simple and natural eyelashes and the minimalistic French approach to beauty, in the middle of Orlando. 

Colored Lashes

4. Bold, Colored Lashes

You will love these eyelashes if you are bored of variations of the same look over and over and over again… eyelashes in full color. Pair them with your simple permanent eyeliner and a nude lip. It is a given that this is not really an office friendly look… But you will be a star in parties in Orlando!