Using Microblading to ManScape Your Eyebrows

As a growing number of men are discovering, grooming eyebrows is an essential part of manscaping. Men groom their eyebrows to feel more confident in their appearance, which can aid them in their personal relationships and work life.

For some men, an eyebrow-grooming routine can consist of minor trimming and tweezing. But for other men, the eyebrow-grooming process is more complex. Some men have misshapen eyebrows (ranging from the unibrow to sparse eyebrows). Additionally, the aging process can create a variety of eyebrow issues for men: thinning, discoloration, and uneven growth towards the eyelids. Genetic factors and the aging process can pose challenges to creating an efficient and effective eyebrow-grooming routine.

Cosmetic companies have created an assortment of eyebrow-grooming products designed especially for men to address these issues (including gel, styling cream and whole kits). For the DIY-inclined, traditional pencil and powder is also available. Although these products can successfully be used to address eyebrow issues, their use requires ample time and skill.

Increasingly, men have decided to turn to expert assistance to help with eyebrow grooming. Barbershops and salons have offered services that range from trimming to threading. Waxing is also available for a relatively long-lasting effect, but the treatment often leaves shiny skin and changes to the brow line can be challenging to correct.

Men who want to create natural-looking, custom eyebrows should opt for microblading. Microblading is a process of injecting permanent pigments under the skin using a manual tool or a digital tattoo machine. Permanent makeup artists use microblading to create fine strokes that resemble fine hairs of the eyebrow. Men who undergo this procedure meet with artists ahead of time to discuss their vision for their eyebrows and to create a plan for reaching that vision.

Microblading does involve manageable risks and a predictable healing process. Because this procedure involves breaking the skin barrier, there is a risk of infection (which can be minimized with sterile technique). The procedure can trigger allergic reactions, which can be discovered ahead of time with a skin patch test. Microblading involves some discomfort during the procedure, which is often managed with use of a topic numbing agent. The healing process often takes 1-2 weeks, and involves scabs flaking off of the eyebrow to create a look that will last 1-3 years with minimal touchups.

For an average cost of $299, men can have eyebrows that inspire confidence—without hassle. Microblading can help men camouflage scars on their eyebrows, accentuate their eyes, and achieve a more youthful appearance.

While several salons offer microblading services for eyebrows, few stand out in their artistry and commitment to best practices in client safety and well-being. For an optimal experience, choose Blooming Beauty to create your ideal “manscaped” eyebrows. Create your custom eyebrows with a team that is committed to you and your vision.